I recognise that we all have our own character and passions. As we grow older, our interests and experiences gradually shape our character to make us the individuals we are. Family portraits and portraiture capture your story and create heirlooms that future generations can enjoy for years to come.

My Service

My service includes a pre-session consultation in which I spend time with you to get to know what will work for you and how best to capture the special moments from the portrait session that you will love and treasure in the years to come. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience in front of the camera as I will put you at ease and tailor the session to get the most out of the portrait shoot. I pride myself on using my skills to create stunning portraits which convey your story. If desired, I can also advise and recommended on stylists or make-up artists.

Artisan Goods

In addition to the traditional photographs we have a wide range of artisan goods and gifts for that include canvas art, presentation gift sets and handmade albums.

Get In Touch

Contact me on either +44(0)7879 048606 or email me on info@jennalee.co with your planned destination and we can start to make some plans together.